80 Things to do During Self Isolation

It's day 32 of quarantine.

Yes, I've been in isolation for roughly a month now.

Today might be your 5th OR 98th day.

Quarantine for you might mean:

  • I go to work with a skeletal staff and back home

  • I go out daily for food, exercise and other activities, but practice social distancing

  • I only go out for groceries

  • I'm locked in my room away from the rest of my family

  • I'm in the hospital and trying to recover

  • I'm home all day every day

Whichever one you are, it's okay.

It won't last.

I'm not here to focus on fear. I'm here to promote love and radiate wellness and healing. I want you to get through this time, and though we are apart, we can get through this TOGETHER.

To do this we have to keep our minds occupied. Our bodies too.

So whether you've just started your quarantine period or you've exhausted your options of 'What to do' with your unlimited time, HERE LIES...

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Note: You may only be able to do some of these depending on your situation

  1. Meditate

  2. Update your resume

  3. Spend the day in your yard with some fresh air and nature

  4. Start a daily journal. Find journal prompts and answer thee questions (Google/ Pinterest)

  5. Do a hair care treatment

  6. Exercise

  7. Go down memory lane with a photo album or your many-year-old photos on social media.

  8. Try out some new recipes in the kitchen

  9. Go for a drive out

  10. Do some yoga

  11. Create a watch list of movies on Netflix

  12. Call up your friends on a video chat (Whatsapp, Zoom, Facetime)

  13. Start a skincare routine. Make a home-made body scrub. Use it and moisturize after

  14. Start that business

  15. Cleaning project. Target a room per day; you have time in your favour

  16. Start a blog

  17. Try gardening

  18. Read lots of self-development books (or any kind of books for that matter)

  19. Start a YouTube Channel

  20. Sort through your wardrobe, get rid of the unnecessaries and reorganize (color coordinate if you will)

  21. Make a homemade hand sanitizer, but be careful not to mix strong chemicals together)

  22. Play games with family or housemates (board games, video games, ALL the games)

  23. Write letters to your loved ones

  24. Eat lots of healthy foods

  25. Download audiobooks or podcasts to listen to

  26. Help out small businesses and order something online

  27. Learn to play a musical instrument

  28. Create a bucket list

  29. Download an app to track habits and monitor productivity

  30. Practise positive thinking

  31. Go live on Instagram. Haha, everybody's doing it now, not just celebrities

  32. Find an online course

  33. Drink more water

  34. Go for a walk in your neighbourhood

  35. Check-in on at least 5 people a fay. Stay in touch

  36. Watch documentaries

  37. Play dress up. It's no longer a kiddies game #dontrushchallenge

  38. Record your days of isolation by writing or with videos, pictures or a podcast

  39. Download music

  40. Do a social media detox for a day or a few. Flooding our consciousness with bad news and comparing our lives with our followed accounts is the main source of our mental distress. Disconnect from the noise

  41. Start a new hobby

  42. Catch up on your subscribed to Youtube Channels

  43. Have a spa day

  44. Learn a new language

  45. Play with your pets

  46. Create a Pinterest account and start saving things you like or want to know. This can take up a good amount of your time

  47. Binge-watch your favourite series

  48. Create a vision board

  49. Turn up your music and dance

  50. Plan a trip for when this is all over

  51. Blow up a kiddies pool and sit in it

  52. Read your Holy book (the Bible for me) or do a morning devotional

  53. Do a DIY Project

  54. Declutter and create a charity box with useful items

  55. Take part in some fun Instagram challenges

  56. Take a bubble bath

  57. Clean your exercise equipment (yoga mats, machines, resistance bands) Sweat and dust buildup is a thing. RIP to my old resistance bands

  58. Listen to your favorite music

  59. Create playlists (Spotify or YouTube)

  60. Draft a 2/5/10 year plan. Picture your future self

  61. Take naps. Lots n' lots of 'em. ZZzzz

  62. Adopt a new skill

  63. Do a social media cleanse. Go through and unfollow accounts you don't like or want anymore

  64. Write a letter to your past and future self

  65. Declutter your phone apps

  66. Practise breathing and relaxation techniques. This will be useful in keeping anxieties and fears in check.

  67. Plan and organize your finances

  68. Try a natural juice cleanse

  69. Create a photo collage or photo album

  70. Back up important documents on a hard drive or online drive (iCloud or Google Drive)

  71. Have an ironing day. Not because you're not going out often or at all means your clothes should sit crumpled in your closet

  72. Clean your jewelry

  73. Learn how to apply a fully made-up face and even do a makeup tutorial if you're successful

  74. Write a book

  75. Give ur car a detailed wash. Don't go to a car wash

  76. Play an outdoor sport or games in your yard (wall tennis, football/soccer, ride a bike/scooter, hopscotch and more)

  77. Do some work from home

  78. Make your own latte variations

  79. Create rules for your own card game

  80. Visit your shoe closet and clean, especially those that you haven't worn in a while. You don't want them to abandon you when you finally decide to go out after this is all over.

See what I've been doing during my quarantine life:

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We have all the time on our hands now.

We needed it. We were granted it. Don't waste it.

Be productive (whether it be for work, for your business, for your health, for your mental well-being, for your relationships)

Tell us what you've been doing during the quarantine. Leave a comment down below. We'd love to hear from you. Stay safe and stay indoors.

All my love,

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