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It's The End - Reflection Time!!!

What better time to jump back onto this blog than at the end of the year...

& boy what a year it has been, but WE MADE IT!

First, let me apologize for being (M)issing (I)n (A)ction.

Guys! this year has been a rollercoaster.

It's been a lot, but that's no excuse. I do miss you all. I miss getting my thoughts down and sharing with you and I hope you're all staying safe. (Anybody heard about that new strain?! Jeesh!)


I just want to encourage you to spend time with loved ones and if that's not an option, spend some quality time with yourself. Remember the reason for the season and whether you're a big believer or not, just be grateful for another day, another year YOU've survived. It won't always be a bed of roses, but settle for

a bed of Christmas tree twigs

a bed of snow

a bed of..well just a bed to sleep in

Personally, I spend this time of year doing a lot of reflecting and soul-searching, not so much for the cliche new years resolutions, but because I mark my years with my birthday. December 19, 2020 marks my 27th year of survival, of accomplishments, disappointments, and lessons to review. This is when I do aaaaalllll my homework and I'm a little late this year, but if you know me, you know I like to hand in my assignments on time, so here goes a few things to reflect on (grab your journal if you have one and join me. If not make some mental notes):

6. Biggest lesson learned this year?

7. Who do you want to spend more time with next year?

8. What are 5 things you would like to start doing next year (use our 2021 new years resolution template below and tag us @itsohkay876 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

9. What do you need to do to improve your mental, spiritual, financial and physical health? List one (1) thing for each (Let's start small)

And if all of that is too much, just answer 1 question:

10. Where do you envision yourself a year from now and what will it take?


Time for I N T R O S P E C T I O N.

All my love,

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