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I Dance Because...

I don't know bout anybody else, but a girl's gotta find and do the things that make her happy.

How are you really doing in this second year of COVID-19? Comment below.

Me? 🥲 I'm barely hanging on. Surviving though, which is a huge accomplishment in my eyes.

I know some of us mental health advocates focus way too much on the cliched do-things-that-make-you-happy aspect of self-care, rather than digging up the demons in our closets that need a good "draw up". Truth is, the hard work needs to be done, and if you have the equipment to get it done, then start. Your SELF will thank you greatly.

However, for those of us who really don't have the slightest clue where to start, begin here:

with the little things. 

Close your eyes and picture that thing that when you do it, you can't help but smile or feel the weight lifted. For a fact:

  • Meditation

  • Exercise

  • Music

  • Sleep

  • Quality time with loved ones

  • Aromatherapy ...and more

can help your mood, but there are many other things to try and what actually makes you happy might be unique to you.

All I'm saying is with the tough work, the sitting with emotions, and all of that jazz for a spaz like myself (not meant in an offensive sense; just a little rhyming humor), we can give ourselves a break with that ONE THING.


I dance because it's the only time I have a true understanding of what freedom feels like. Minus the social anxiety that limits my ability to do so in public settings - there's nothing like my sealed-off bedroom and a mirror - When I dance, all the emotions I'm experiencing either leave my body (if they're negative) or are heightened (if they're positive). Just imagine your heart rising in your body and energies flowing around you like mist. That's exactly what it feels like.

When I'm pissed, I dance.

When I'm happy, I dance.

When I'm enjoying food, I dance.

When I'm sad, I dance.

When I'm indifferent, I dance.

When I'm me, I dance.

When I don't know who the hell I am, I dance.

I dance because dance is love, self-love, MY self-love. What's yours?

Now I'm not saying I'm any good. Matter of fact, let me show you how not good I think I am. 😂

You can form your own opinions on that, but it doesn't stop me. That thing that makes you happy? you don't even have to be good at it. How awesome is that! Sure, the more you do it, the better you'll eventually get, but don't worry about not knowing how to, or being bad at it. You're doing it for you.

To how UNpro I am, I don't even label the type of dancing I do. I just move. Movement is key. The only type of dance I actually know for sure and have been learning is Latin ballroom dancing, and I've learned from some of the best of bests in this specific order:

So, if you're ever interested in Latin classes in Kingston, Jamaica, all the top links are right there for ya!

Next step?

2. Attempt pole dancing if I can get that upper body strength going. Wish me luck and all the best with your happy thing 😉


Don't forget to comment your thoughts.

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