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What to do on a Rainy Day?

Hey It’s Oh Kayers!

I’m back again with yet another list! You know I love my lists and have one for everything!

At this very moment, in Jamaica, we’re experiencing some rain from Tropical Storm Ian, who was supposed to get a closer look at us this weekend. To God be the glory, he decided to shift south a little, thereby only gracing us with well-needed, Heaven-sent showers.

For us Jamaicans, it kind of puts a damper on our plans, because we either want the sunshine to enjoy our tropical outdoors, while some of us secretly (or outrightly) want a hurricane, just so we can get a few days off from work.

For me, the rainy time is perfect for rest and restoration. You can’t get much done and may feel a little gloomy and lost, but never fear, here are some things you can do to pass the time on a rainy day:

My Personal Favs?

1. I love a good workout session, whether it’s simply cardio with music blasting in my earphones (ie. dancing)

Did someone say dance party?!!

or an intense weight lifting session or a calming yoga session. Whatever it is, the rain inspires my body to move and celebrate.

2. If you’d rather a completely lazy day, I suggest grabbing your favorite fluffy blanket, finding a comfy chair or bed and taking a nap, and listening to the rain. There’s nothing better than a day to do nothing. I would add a movie or series marathon along with some comfort food and a warm drink (ie. Coffee or hot chocolate). Sometimes watching something for too long gets to me or I’m simply not in the mood for screen time, chilling with a good book turns out to be the perfect substitute. Journaling is also an option if you’re into that kind of thing or blogging like myself. The option is also there for those who love to herb and vibe.

3. Truly, anything creative is a good option like painting, doing your nails, designing any kind whether web, clothing, interior etc.

4. I’m not exactly a chatterbox, buuut if you feel a bit lonely during the rain and would like to connect with someone, go right ahead! Call someone, a loved one preferably. Definitely not anyone who could potentially drain your energy.

5. Make another list cuz that’s the solution to everything, right? What I mean is make a list of what you want to and can get done when the rain stops, even plan a vacation.

6. If you just can’t sit still and do nothing, there is always the option of decluttering and doing a little spring cleaning or cooking, once you don’t have water lock-offs as we often do in our developing country.

7. And if you love the rain itself and are not susceptible to getting sick easily, go crazy with it! Go take a walk or dance in the rain. Just make sure to take a shower and get dry and warm when you get back in.

There are soooo many things you could do. As a matter of fact, THIS previous post has a lot of pretty good options, but again these are some personal favs of mine.

The point is…

Whatever it is that you like to do that brings you peace, do that.

Until next time!

All my love,

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