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It's a Valentine's Post: What’s So Special About It?

Hey Lovies! Welcome back for another read. Glad you could make it for some It's Oh Kay love and motivation.

So Valentine’s Day is gone and I must say...

“life is what you make it”

is not just a pretty quote. Sure, sometimes things happen outside of our control, but generally speaking, you have the power, the option, to make the simplest things happen how you want them to.

For me, it’s doing Valentine's Day for me. I’ve always wanted to treat myself, maybe buy myself a rose or some corny shiz like that. NOW, I didn’t do the roses, because though stunningly beautiful they are, I prefer to receive them as gifts. Plus, I refused to waste the money to watch them die. I wanted this day to be about life and celebrating life.

So, I celebrated the lives and presence of my girls and myself. We had a Galentine’s brunch the day before. I went to work per usual the day after and treated myself to a nice after-work RomCom (focused on mother-daughter love) and some chocolate treats.

Journey with me in this V’day vlog:

While we’re on the topic, what kind of person are you this Valentine’s Day?

  • The Lovebirds

  • The Flirty

  • The Bragger

  • The Optimist - me

  • The “First V-Day with a V-Bae”

  • The Ati-Consumer

  • The Forever-Alone-r/ Single-Again

  • The “Me? I’m (not) Fine” - sometimes me

  • The Non-Believers …. And so on

Thing is, it doesn’t matter which of the above you are on this special day of love, because any day that reminds us to celebrate our loved ones can’t be all that bad, right? Especially in this divided world of cyclical pain.

I like to take this time to reflect on my own life and see where I can offer myself a bit more love, compassion, and grace. It’s the perfect opportunity to prioritize your happiness, no matter how big or small. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to happiness.

For you, for someone else, or at different stages of your life, happiness may look like:

  • A piece of chocolate

  • A week-long vacation

  • A cute puppy happily passing by

  • The arrival of a new family member

  • Sitting down and having breakfast each morning

  • Completing school or getting a pay raise

You get the gist!


Choose you

Choose happiness

every day

Leave a comment below telling us what Vday person you are or how you spent your day. We love a good share 😉

Sending you sooo much love this week.

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