Guiding Philosophies resulting in my remarkable work ethic:

Whatever you do, do it well “Age Quod Agis”

Only the best is good enough










Languages: English (Native Speaker and ESL Certified)


Travel: China, the USA

Skill Sets:

  • Microsoft Office and HRM Systems

  • Wondershare Filmora Video Editing

  • Massage Therapy

  • Active Listening

  • Records Management

  • Executive & Administrative Support (Scheduling and Calendar Management; Data Entry; HR Concepts)

  • Customer Relations and Communications

  • Training

  • Latin Dancing and Yoga

  • Team Work and Time Management

Community Involvement:

2021-2022: Voluntary Services with local Rotaract Club on occasions.


August 2012: The Institute of Jamaica, Liberty Hall Division - Organise Jamaica Journals; Supervise daily activities of children in the summer programme and assist with creating and installing mosaic works.

December 2008: The Port Royal Marine Biology Laboratory - Monitor plant nursery to rehabilitate the mangrove along the Palisadoes tombola and daily feeding of nurse shark; Conduct research paper on a variety of corals and reefs and returning marine animals to the sea after research has been conducted; Assist in the planning of summer student programmes.

Our Little Secret:

I grew up highly influenced by television series and the outdoors (with cousins I call siblings), hence my creative, loud thoughts. Hey! I see an author in the making too. Once I get these thoughts to quiet down though, I like to think of myself as "one with nature".

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Management Studies and being thrown into the real world, I’ve come to learn the true beauty of life, along with the anxieties and insecurities it perpetuates. But that’s okay.


I liken myself to a:

Panda Bear

because they are mainly focused on their inner world and understanding their own emotions. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and rely on their inner moral system to make decisions. They seem carefree and fun to outsiders, but are also very passionate and focused internally. They are creative and enjoyable and seek meaning and understanding


Worker Bee

because they are very focused on fulfilling their duties. They have a way of knowing what needs to be done and getting it accomplished. They prefer to follow the rules of society and keep their surroundings controlled and organized. They respect tradition and have a strong set of internal morals. They see the hard work in front of them and attack it head-on, prepared and ready to do what needs to be done

Professional Experience:

Information Coordinator | 2020 – Present

Secretary in HR | 2019 – 2020

ESL Teacher in China | 2018 – 2019

Human Resource Officer | 2016 – 2018

Customer Service Associate | 2016

Inspector of Poor Assistant | SUMMER 2015   

Executive Administrative Assistant | SUMMER 2014

The companies I've worked for have been great and challenged me in ways I never thought possible,
but it was often the people that I loved most.


Christine Hylton,
Admin. Assistant - PAJ

I have worked with Kamiele on several different occasions both directly and indirectly. Throughout, I have found that she is resilient, hardworking and can perform using her initiative. She has proved to be knowledgeable in areas given to her to complete as she is a fast learner and takes the time to do independent research. It has been a pleasure working with her and also learning from her.


HR & Payroll Manager - JACE Mgmt. Con. Ltd.

In my capacity as Human Resource Manager, I worked with Kamiele for 2 years. She has always been quite reliable and was a great Team Lead as a Human Resource Officer. She did an excellent job assisting the Team and training others to do the job.  


Monique Martin, PAJ

Kamiele has been an admirable coworker who is self-motivated and initiative-driven.

She has a notable track record of being focused, detail-oriented, efficient and committed to completing assigned tasks to the highest standard thereby demonstrating her solid work ethic. 


Charles Levy, PAJ

I have worked with Kamiele for over a year and her determination and drive have been impeccable. Her ability to complete tasks assigned on time is outstanding. Kamiele is highly motivated and quite passionate about her work and is always ready to take on challenges in any professional capacity.

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Kamiele founded It’s Oh Kay in 2018. It initially started as a creative outlet and personal brand where she shared daily inspiration and fitness tips on Instagram. Over time, It’s Oh Kay has developed into a blog and online store for all things self-care. 

Kamiele strives to promote mental wellness, spread the love and joy of Christ and inspire others to reach their goals through the use of her blog, massage therapy, yoga and meditation, and her carefully curated self-care kits. She lives by the motto and her famous hashtags

#itsohkay and #bepresent.

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